Interest Yesterday from “The Times” of London and UC Irvine in UFT88

There was a visit yesterday from “The Times” – interested in the 2005 award of the Civil List Pension. There have been many visits from the BBC over the past decade, and there was another one last week. Yesterday a staff member or student at University of California Irvine studied UFT88 which refutes the Einstein theory straightforwardly by use of torsion, a geometrical property unknown to Einstein until Cartan inferred it about six years after the 1915 field equation of Einstein. In fact this equation was immediately criticized by several distinguished scholars and effectively rejected. This is not known to the general public. It is meaningless because it neglects torsion, and has been replaced by the ECE equations in the Engineering Model (UFT303) and the x theory of 2014. It is reviewed in “The Principles of ECE Theory” (UFT281 to UFT288). This new book is already being read at the rate of 4,200 times a year, and UFT88 is being read at the rate of 1,500 times a year, AND by the best in the world. The Einstein field equation is in fact dogma, being kept alive by the media. The latter does not understand it and preaches to people who also do not understand it. This is the precise opposite of Baconian science.

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