Blog sets two new record highs

The blog has already set two new record highs for October 2014, passing the two record highs set in September 2014. It will shortly pass the 2013 yearly total, and will shatter the record for annual viewings in 2014. The interest in the blog has more than tripled in four years. Congratulations to those who helped set up the blog! It is available on and syndicated on and I used to run the three miles with a stopwatch, so when a record is being shattered one can see it on the final bend, then sprint as hard as you can. Five thousands metres is three miles, 176 yards, so is twelve and a half laps approximately. I always used to run twelve laps (three miles approximately), being no athlete, but just to keep fit every day for over thirty years. Bannister broke the four minute mile barrier at Iffley Road Oxford on May 6th 1954 by being pulled around by Brasher and Chattaway (both three milers). He did it in three minutes 59.6 seconds, breaking the record by Robert Hagg of Sweden of four minutes one second. I was training on Iffley Road before they pulled it up for a tartan track and these three suddenly flew past, one final run on the cinder track. The psychology is the same in science, it is always thought that it can never be done, until it is done. Bannister became Prof. Sir Roger Bannister.

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