Daily Report 28/10/14

There were 3,164 hits or files downloaded from 646 reading sessions or distinct visits during the day. Main spiders google, MSN, yahoo and baidu. UFT145 761, F3(Sp) 518, Auto1 391, Auto2 121, Book of Scientometrics 294, UFT88 93, Engineering Model 83, Englynion 89, Llais 59, CEFE 57, UFT272 43, Evans Equations 66 numerous (Sp), Auto Sonnets 13, Principles of ECE (draft) 12 to date in October 2014. Argentine National University at La Plata Faculty of Science, Astronomy and Geophysics UFT166(Sp); Free University of Brussels UFT128; Government of Catalonia (Xtec) Essay 42 (Sp); University of Bern My page and newspaper cuttings; University of Denver Colorado Auto1, Essay 7; State University of New York at Geneseo UFT239; University of Girona, Catalonia on edu UFT177(Sp); University of Granada Spain UFT181, definitive proof one; University of Turku Student Village Foundation Finland UFT25; Technical University of Troyes France UFT170; Site download from private ID in France; Sebelas Maret University Indonesia Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UFT243; The Aerospace Corporation California (Space Missions) UFT175; University of Lancaster UFT213. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for October 2014.

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