Low Energy Nuclear Reactors Set to Displace Wind Turbines

On October 8th 2014 a thirty two day test report was released of the Industrial Heat (Rossi) E Cat reactor. The reactor passed the test with flying colours and astounded the scientific community. It is scientific proof par excellence of ECE theory and energy from spacetime (UFT226 ff.) It makes wind turbines completely obsolete, and should ultimately replace the need for burning fossil fuel. LENR has at least two million times the power of today’s combustion energy processes. It is approaching commercial heat / electric power generating levels and is a near perfect energy source. At present there is the Defkalion Hyperion, The Industrial Heat / Rossi E Cat, and the Brillouin Boiler. Energy is taken from spacetime as in UFT226 ff. The heat can of course be used to generate electricity. ECE also explains the energy devices of the Alex Hill company on www.aias.us, www.et3m.net, www.atomicprecision.com and www.upitec.org. My original spin connection resonance theory of about 2005 /2006 has been greatly developed by Eckardt, Lindstrom and myself over almost a decade of work. I was asked to explain these phenomena just after being appointed to the Civil List by civilians at the U. S. Navy who had observed the Alex Hill devices adn who were astonished by what they saw. These devices are now used routinely in leading industry (Fortune Fifty corporations). Again these are experimental evidence par excellence for ECE theory and generally covariant electrodynamics. There is no possible doubt of this by now.

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