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Failed Dogmatists of the Obsolete Relativity

September 29, 2014

After admitting defeat on black holes, dark matter and big bang, string theory, and almost everything else, I think that AIAS should just regard these people as small town failures, and if they bother the staff again, report them to their heads of department in the first instance, then escalate up the University hierarchy, and if they still persist in harassment, call the police. The police are empowered to issue a no contact order under the Prevention of Harassment Act. AIAS staff can ask for such an order. This will give the harasser or perpetrator of written assault in common law an effective criminal record. If they seek employment or funding or promotion this record can be used against them. Trolling is already regarded as a serious criminal offence. This the common law. They have been completely out argued by AIAS Staff, and for years have resorted to cheap shots and outright distortion of truth and history. These are small men, academic failures, a tiny minority of abusive bigots. The vast majority of the academic world consults AIAS every day. No one should think in terms of merit by association, if someone works at a big name University, they must still argue scientifically, and not by the arrogance, insults, inuendo and sarcasm of false authority. There is no way to refute the commutator argument against the Einstein field equation. These people never attempt to do so, never read any papers that refute their work, and are appointed not by merit, but in smoke filled holes, a procedure filled with dark corruption. So I urge the readership to recognize them for what they are, and not be impressed by merit by association.

Eye Treatment Working Well

September 29, 2014

The eye treatment is already working well, most of the blood has cleared and the light phobia is subsiding.

Recurrence of Acute Uveitis

September 29, 2014

There was an episode of acute uveitis which began last evening so my left eye was covered in blood this morning, with the accompanying light phobia. This was treated well by the emergency units of Morriston Hospital and Singleton Hospital early this morning, which diagnosed acute anterior uveitis. The treatment is dexamethasone eye drops over a few weeks. The right eye is unaffected, so I am able to work normally. I have an underlying sarcoid condition whose origin is not well understood medically and occurs in people of Ancient British and Scandinavian origin. The last episode of acute uveitis began in about 1986 and was eventually cured by a specialist in Syracuse, New York in about 1989 by injecting cortisone over the left eye. That one injection was enough to clear it up. Pressure in both eyes is normal. Injection of cortisone or similar is standard NHS treatment if the steroid drops do not clear it up. The NHS of Aneurin Bevan and Jim Griffiths worked quickly and efficiently despite all the efforts by the tories to destroy it. It has been taken up in over one hundred and forty countries. Otherwise I am in excellent health and the uveitis does not impair anything.

Development of UFT273

September 29, 2014

I am proceeding with the development of UFT273 by applying 3D theory to all the important aspects of orbital theory, beginning with the three Kepler laws. The next stage is the calculation of orbital velocity with 3D theory.

Visit from Andorra

September 29, 2014

Yesterday there was a visit to the site from The Principality of the Valleys of Andorra. So there have been visits to the site or this blog from all the countries of Europe. Andorra has one University, founded in 1997, and a virtual teaching system. It has a standing army of twelve people, for ceremonies only.

Daily Report Saturday 27/9/14

September 29, 2014

There were 2,581 hits from 551 distinct visits main spiders yahoo, google and MSN. F3(Sp) 794, Auto1 406, Auto2 91, Book of Scientometrics 266, Evans Equations 253 numerous Spanish; Engineering Model 111, UFT88 87, CEFE 64, Llais 63, Englynion 84, Principles of ECE 33 to date in September 2014. Andorra Essay 43 (Sp); University of Sao Paulo Brazil Home Page; TMCZ Heavy Transport Czechia 2D paper; Denver University other papers; Physics University of Tokyo UFT81; Site Download from; French Polynesia UFT107; Science and Culture of St. Petersburg Regional Joint Computer Network Education UFT75; Slovak Republic site download; Oxford University List of British Civil List Scientists. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2014.

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Limiting my Correspondence

September 28, 2014

From now on an establishment dogmatist is going to find it very difficult to correspond with me. They have delivered innumerable ad hominem attacks, made many personal threats and so on, and have distorted history, but have failed abysmally to defend Einsteinian general relativity. My correspondence will be limited to real scientists, of this inner circle and a few others. This is in keeping with my status as a Civil List Pensioner employed directly by the Head of State, and as a member of the Gentry. It is essentially impossible to correspond with dogmatists such as Hawking and Penrose, who have admitted defeat. It is completely impossible to correspond with senior members of the Royal Family for example, and almost as impossible to correspond with self styled establishment of physics. However, anyone can read the ECE sites and this blog.

Carroll’s Online Notes

September 28, 2014

The commutator method of generating curvature and torsion is given by Carroll in his Eq. (3.66) of his online notes. ECE theory uses exactly the same method, which is explained in full in UFT99 and in many of the 272 UFT papers now available, and in the five definitive proofs. Carroll writes in his notes that the antisymmetry of the curvature in its last two indices is immediate from the commutator. Therefore so is the antisymmetry of the torsion and of the connection. The Einstein field equation relies on the assumption that torsion is zero. If so, the connection is symmetric. A symmetric connection leads however to a symmetric commutator, a null operator, so the curvature vanishes if torsion vanishes because both are always generated by the commutator. The entire Einsteinian general relativity collapses. In ECE theory the torsion and curvature are both non zero. The Christoffel connection is not assumed in ECE theory, and the second Bianchi identity is replaced by an identity derivable from the Cartan identity (UFT88, UFT255). It is clear that any metric based on the Einstein field equation is meaningless, these metrics include those of Big Bang, black holes and so on. Recently ECE has replaced all of the claims of the Einstein theory by x theory. Few of the dogmatists are even aware of the existence of torsion. Those few who have studied it deliberately set it to zero by choice of a symmetric connection. They do not realize that this choice leads to zero curvature and no gravitation. So the funding of Einsteinian general relativity must be discontinued, it is entirely wrong. The dogmatists have completely failed to address the commutator proof that they are wildly incorrect. Nature shows experimentally that they are wildly wrong in whirlpool galaxies. This complete experimental refutation of Einsteinian general relativity appeared in 1958, and was quickly covered up by “dark matter”, now known experimentally not to exist. Meanwhile the irrefutable and simple logic of ECE theory goes from strength to strength. The general public now knows that black holes and Big Bang are propagandist, so they will begin to press for the abandonment of public funding for ideas that are matheamtically incorrect, and also refuted experimentally.

Rock star comes to the aid of astrophysics

September 28, 2014

A deep purple universe contains a lot of yellow submarines and purple haze.

Sent: 28/09/2014 10:16:27 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Rock star comes to the aid of astrophysics

Dear Readers,

Legendary rock star Ian Gillan of the rock group Deep Purple has come to the aid of ailing astrophysics:

Steve Crothers

Ignorance of Torsion

September 28, 2014

The most blatant error in black hole theory is neglect of torsion. By now this is well known internationally. The reaction of dogmatists like Barnard is also well known. The general public is well aware that black holes do not exist, and that the funding of physics is being cut severely. I am still waiting for the dogmatists to address proofs one to five on, and the commutator method. Stephen Crothers reduces Barnard’s argument to nonsense. All of this is taking place within the context of a blatantly incorrect torsionless theory. That has been refuted many times by ECE theory. The dogmatists immediately resort to ad hominem attacks because they are unable to argue scientifically. If Hawking has admitted that black holes do not exist then funding for this work should cease immediately and an enquiry started into why so much money has been wasted on rubbish physics.

In a message dated 28/09/2014 09:37:00 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Professor Myron W. Evans,

Below is the reply I sent to Barnard via Axel Westrenius. Barnard ignored the facts, of course. He does not even understand escape velocity or the meaning of an asymptotic condition or the invalidity of the Principle of Superposition in General Relativity.

Barnard also falsely attributes to me a theory? What theory is that? I have no theory. Also, contrary to Barnard’s plaintive cries, no scientist is obliged to construct a new theory simply because he proves the current dogmas patently false.

Steve Crothers

rbarnard, corbis,

Dear Axel,

I have been watching but must now step in because Barnard has told some really big fibs that cannot pass with impunity.

(1) Barnard said:

Mr Crothers claims that since black holes perturb spacetime in an asymptotic manner, and the universe is not asymptotic, black holes cannot exist. In fact all stars perturb spacetime in the same way, due to something we scientists (and everyone else) like to call gravity. When I pointed this out, Mr Crothers said that this indicates that black hole theory cannot even explain the stars in the sky, when it is his assumption that is wrong.”

This is patently false, as my paper and my comments on the associated webpage attest. Barnard does not read what is in my papers or my comments. Barnard does not even understand black hole theory (but then neither does any proponent of black holes). All alleged black holes are independent universes because they are by definition either asymptotically flat (flat = zero curvature) or asymptotically curved (finite non-zero curvature) so that as the distance from the ‘black hole’ increases its spacetime decreases and approaches zero or approaches some finite curvature other than zero as the case may be. Without the asymptotic condition the mathematical expressions alleging black holes do not obtain. Thus a black hole spacetime is not tiny, contrary to that which Barnard asserted on the webpage of my paper. Hence, a black hole universe is spatially infinite. Now let X be some black hole. It therefore constitutes, by definition, a spatially infinite universe that is either asymptotically flat or asymptotically curved. Let Y be some black hole universe. It too therefore constitutes, by definition, a spatially infinite universe that is either asymptotically flat or asymptotically curved. Now superpose X and Y. This produces the universe X + Y. However, the presence of X destroys the asymptotic condition of Y and the presence of Y destroys the asymptotic condition of X. This results no matter how far from one another the black holes might be supposed, because there is no bound on asymptotic, for otherwise it would not be asymptotic. Thus a black hole universe is a one-mass universe. Hence, Barnard’s assertions above are false. He invented them and attributed them to me. Black hole theory is logically inconsistent and therefore false.

(2) Gravity is not a force in General Relativity, because it is spacetime curvature. According to black hole theory every black hole has an infinitely dense singularity where spacetime is infinitely curved. Thus, gravity is infinite at a black hole singularity, although its mass is finite. Hence, according to black hole theory, a finite mass produces infinite gravity.

(3) General Relativity is a nonlinear theory and so the Principle of Superposition does not hold. This means that if X is some relativity universe and Y is some relativity universe, be they the same or not, then X + Y is not a universe. Let’s be more specific. Let X be some black hole universe and Y some big bang universe. Then the superposition X + Y is not a universe. Since the black hole expressions also pertain to stars, any star described by a black hole expression constitutes a spatially infinite universe that is either asymptotically flat or asymptotically curved and contains only that star. But when we look into the sky, how many stars are there? Black hole theory cannot account for the stars either (contrast this with Barnard’s assertions in (1) above).

(4) The 4 different types of black holes alleged by the cosmologists pertain to different sets of Einstein field equations and so they have absolutely nothing to do with one another, and by (2) and (3) they can’t be superposed with one another or with some big bang universe.

(5) Black hole universes are asymptotically flat or asymptotically curved. However, no big bang universe is asymptotically anything. Furthermore, the three different types of big bang universes alleged are characterised by their k-curvature; k = -1, k = 0, or k = 1 respectively. However, no black hole universe even possesses a k-curvature. In the cases of k = -1 and k = 0, the big bang spacetime is spatially infinite, but in the case of k = 1 the big bang spacetime is spatially finite. The spatially infinite spacetimes for k = -1 and k = 0 are different on account of their k-curvatures, and are different to the black hole universes because none of the latter possess a k-curvature. Thus no black hole universe can be present inside some big bang universe. This is reaffirmed by the invalidity of the Principle of Superposition (which does not hold in General Relativity).

(6) According to black hole theory, all black holes have an escape velocity and no escape velocity simultaneously and at the same place (the ‘event horizon’). This is impossible. Furthermore, escape velocity is a two-body relation: one body escapes from another body. This is impossible in a model that contains only one mass, such as the black hole or lone star described by the very same black hole equation.

(7) All alleged big bang universes are expanding: because they are non-static. No black hole universe is expanding: because they are not non-static. All big bang universes are of finite age (~13.8 billion years) but all black hole universes are eternal (because they are static or stationary, i.e. they are not non-static).

(8) Barnard said:

Mr Crothers has forgotten that asymptotic affects, while never reaching zero, can be as near zero as to make no difference. For example, the gravity of stars in the Andromeda galaxy affect us in an asymptotic manner, but their effects are so much smaller than the Sun, Moon, and planets etc that we may ignore them.”

I have forgotten nothing. Barnard does not understand the asymptotic character of black hole theory (see (3) and (5) above). According to the cosmologists, there is a supermassive black hole at the centres of galaxies, and hence in Andromeda and the Milky Way, and other black holes throughout the galaxies, in their millions. At each black hole there is infinite spacetime curvature and hence infinite gravity. None of these alleged black holes are asymptotically anything, thereby violating the very definition of the black hole universe.

(9) Black hole theory is a mathematical theory. Black holes were spawned by mathematical physics, not observations. Any physical theory must satisfy two fundamental conditions: (a) logical consistency, (b) correspondence with experiment/observation. Black hole theory fails on both counts. Cosmologists merely believe the black hole phantasmagoria and so they interpret there observations to that which they don’t understand, in terms of their belief, and see black holes all over the place, just as people who believe in ghosts see them all over the place. Cosmologists are ignorant of the inherent contradictions in their black hole theory and their big bang theory. Their ignorance does not rid their theories of their fatal contradictions, and so their theories are still false.

Steve Crothers

On Sunday, 28 September 2014, 15:20, “Barnard, Robin” <> wrote:

I was hoping to engage in some sort of scientific discourse with Mr Crothers, but he has completely ignored a number of objective facts that do not fit in with his theory, such as the fact that general relativity is demonstrably real, confirmed by observations of stars near the Sun during Solar eclipses; it is also encountered every day by anyone who ever uses a GPS system, since the GPS satellites must correct for relativistic effects in order to properly determine your position. He just says that they are false without offering any alternative explanation.

The new article that hit arxiv this week (but has not been accepted by any journal, or passed peer review) has been subject to intense criticism in the scientific community, as it has large fundamental flaws. Much of the effort in black hole theory attempts to address the so-called “information paradox” that is present in the mathematics, but not a paradox in reality. The idea is that material falling into a black hole could then be ejected by Hawking radiation, but any information about that matter is lost. However, Stellar mass black holes are so massive that the Hawking radiation is essentially zero, less than one particle over the age of the universe. Also, black holes that are small enough to evaporate are too small to accrete material in the first place. Thus the work of Hawking et al. on reconciling this so-called paradox is pretty much pointless.

It seems that to Evans and Crothers, mathematics is something to have faith in, not something to be reasoned over. I am therefore removing myself from further discussion with these people, and will flag any further corespondence as spam.

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 2:09 PM, <EMyrone> wrote:

Peter Who? Ridley’s cheap inuendo will not change geometry. No e mailing to me Mr Ridley. I looked you up on google and can find no credentials except kitchen systems for waste caddies. Stephen Crothers has you comprehensively beaten. For the record I am employed directly and for life by the Head of State here in Britain, as a Civil List Pensioner, and doing very well thank you, a member of the Gentry on merit and by descent. For your information the The Head of State of the countries of Britain is Queen Elizabeth II. I earned a Scientiae Doctor (D. Sc.) at the age of 27, which is a distinction higher than full professor (wikipedia no less). I have never heard of you, Ridley, but I do recognize the familiar inuendo and cheap shots. No attempt at scientific argument. This ad hominem method is always used by those who are not competent in their subject area or any other. It has just been admitted this week that black holes do not exist – the British “Daily Mail”. What is this Ridley’s employment record and who is he? Why does he attack me behind my back? I am pleased to be employed directly by Queen Elizabeth and why should I go back to academia now? My true record is in my Autobiography and CV on the home page of above my coat of arms. So a few remarks will put the record straight. I do not have a “career”, I work.

1) Fifteen Prestigious Fellowships in open competition, a world record of its type (attached list)
2) Career at Aberystwyth was outstanding and is very well known. My SERC Fellowship was brought to an end illegally after I exposed severe and endemic academic corruption (Autobiography Volume Two).
3) Meldola Medal and Harrison Memorial Prize, Royal Society of Chemistry.
4) Youngest D. Sc. in modern history.
5) IBM Professor at Kingston New York, 1986, promoted direct from junior post doctoral to full professor. Many publications for IBM with Lie, Clementi and others. Lead writer MOTECC, invited to Cornell, fall of 1988. My first wife was also invited to Cornell. She is a fine lady and multiple IBM award winner.
6) Senior Research Associate Cornell Theory Center.
7) Guest of the University of Zurich.
8) Full Professor at UNCC, against 122 candidates, good to excellent student assessments, (these are online in the UNCC Saga but covered up by the scheming Perkin Warbeck, sorry Ridley), many publications. UNCC condemned internationally for many years. Condemned outright and in public by the great Jean-Pierre Vigier and many others as a McCarthyist purge against B(3) theory, later nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. That was 1995. I resigned in protest and never looked back at academia. Why should I after what I found there? The “accusations” at UNCC were: “sending to much e mail” and “working from home”. These were evil, ludicrous fabrications that enraged the international community. So Mr Ridley is still fabricating charges, twenty years later, using my own account of UNCC. Severe international condemnation of UNCC attached. Ridley uses my own accurate history – UNCC Saga, so that proves that he can read.
9) AIAS Director 1998, then AIAS President.
10) Appointed by Crown and Parliament as Civil List Pensioner 2003, in an Act of Parliament similar to an Act of Congress needed for a Supreme Court Justice for example. Appointment is on merit, and the nominator was the Royal Society / Royal Society of Chemistry. That was almost a decade after the UNCC witchhunt. In a similar manner to a Supreme Court Justice, the appointment is for life. It is also a high honour akin to Order of Merit (O. M.) or companion of Honour (C. H.).
11) Coat of Arms 2008, raised to the Gentry or Untitled Nobility of Wales and England by the College of Arms. Scotland has its own system of awarding arms by the Lord Lyon of Scotland.
12) Thirty one editions of “Marquis Who’s Who”, America, World, Science and Engineering.
13) “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”, Royal Section because I am of Royal descent, and on merit. I trust that Mr Ridley will not question my paternity, or that of the Queen. We are distant cousins.
14) Many honours and awards, nominated Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Milner Award and Priestley Medal, and less senior awards and prizes.
15) Founder and First Coordinator of the European Molecular Liquids Group from the National Physical Laboratory.
16) After I resigned in utter disgust and contempt for UNCC I felt no need to ask any part of academia for employment because I do not want to go back to academia, it would be a big step backwards. UNCC caused my first wife and I a great deal of hardship – real hardship.long years of hardship. Now things are fine and I thank Pete for his kind concern.
17) Why should I wish to be employed as an academic professor? Many have left academia to go on to higher things and I have left all of that behind me – “Goodbye to All That”.
18) Ridley’s use of the words “smelly business” is just cheap, four letter word, inuendo, but that is not a scientific argument.
19) At Cornell my work was used for an NSF Quarterly Report as outsanding. It helped t bring in fnding for Cornell Theory Center. I was not paid by Cornell, so I asked them for pay for my work. That is standard practice in socialist and societal circles: from each according to ability, to each according to need. I don’t recall Mr Ridley being there, or indeed anywhere else. He is the arch fabricator of history, the small minded totalitarian with a jackboot on both shoulders. He goes behing my back so now gets my answer to his face.
20) Over a thousand books, papers and reviews, all in Google Scholar. Two books of poetry and many other publications.
21) The idea of a “Myron Evans University” was that of a third party, meant to be in honour of yours truly. This is common practice on the Continent of Europe, for example Paris Diderot, Universite Pierre et Marie

Curie and endless other examples. In Britain there is Prifysgol Owain Glyndw^r and Brunel University, the Isaac Newton Institute and so on. I don’t mind being in that company. Evidently it makes Mr Ridley green with bile. Take an aspirin, a boiled egg, and plenty of rum and sleep it off.

In summary Mr Ridley appears to be a purveyor of kitchen systems. His credentials are unknown and I have looked for his publciations with an electron microscope but cannoy find any. The “Daily Mail” in Britain has just carried an article that rejects black holes, and I was infomred this morning that the venerable Hawking has admitted they do not exist. It is a trivial matter to prove by Cartan geometry that they cannot exist. No doubt Mr Ridley is a great expert in Cartan geometry as well as the purveyor of odorous inuendo. Stephen Crothers has completely out argued the dogmatists and the new this week is that he is right.

In a message dated 27/09/2014 15:22:46 GMT Daylight Time writes:

Pete Ridley,

(1) Your remarks about the employment history and academic credentials of Professor Myron W. Evans have nothing whatsoever to do with any scientific issue, and neither do your remarks on Mr. John O’Sullivan and Principia Scientifica International (PSI). That you made such comments attests to your unscientific agenda.

(2) I have no need to individually address the 12 points made by Robin Barnard of Havard University because my response to him already covers all the salient facts which prove his premises and conclusions false. There is no such thing as a black hole or a big bang and so Barnard’s interpretation of observations in terms of them, although standard, is false. I refer you back to my response to Barnard. You too have ignored it.

(3) I reiterate that according to proponents of black holes a black hole has and does not have an escape velocity simultaneously and at the same place (i.e. at the ‘event horizon’). That is impossible and alone completely invalidates black hole theory. Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn of Sydney University stated on national television that the escape speed of a black hole is the speed of light and therefore light can’t escape! That you cannot see illogic in possession of an escape velocity and no escape velocity simultaneously and at the same place means that there is nothing more to say to you. Logic will never prevail in discourse with you because you do not use it; neither will logic prevail over any other proponent of black holes, for the same reason. No proponent of black holes even understands escape velocity.

(4) The charge of arrogance you levelled at me is nonsense. Any professor of physical science who maintains that black holes are real is indeed a blithering professor on account of (3) alone. No such professor is capable of peer-reviewing any scientific paper on the subject and should not hold the position of professor at all. It is such blithering professors who have made the mess physical science is now languishing in and must be righted by those who do not blither.

(5) There is no possibility of conversion to the truth. Therefore, exposure of blithering professors, such as ‘t Hooft, is a necessary course of action.

Steve Crothers