Future Policy of AIAS

I would like to suggest to the AIAS Fellows that the future policy of AIAS should be as follows in broad outline. Any comments from the Fellows or this inner circle are welcome.

1) That adherence to dogma should be regarded as unscientific, and that dogmatists be blocked electronically if they start to abuse or harass or insult Crown and Parliament. Dogmatists harm science and should not be funded publicly.
2) That the Einstein field equation be viewed as meaningless, and that all its solutions be rejected as meaningless. I have just sent over the now famous proof of this fact.
3) That all of physics, chemistry and engineering be developed with ECE theory.
4) I am appointed by Crown and Parliament as a Civil List Pensioner, so persistent abuse of basic international protocol, ethics, and norms of professional conduct is in contempt of Crown and Parliament.

I am prepared to post articles by Stephen Crothers that refute methods of solution of the meaningless Einstein equation because I think that Crothers is one of the best scholars in the world in this area and an AIAS Fellow. As he points out, his role is criticism and refutation, not development of theory. In over ten years the obsolete physics had failed to accept that its methods are based on wildly incorrect geometry. A tiny minority of dogmatists has indulged in a great deal of wholly illegal abuse, cyberstalking, organized malicious hearsay and inuendo, attempted blank censorship, and outright and hostile, openly written contempt of Crown and Parliament, but no scientific answer to the refutations by ECE – literally none. As can be seen from the Book of Scientometrics I recognize that universities, institutes and similar contain the intellectual elite (the top 2% roughly of the vast readership of ECE). The very fact that there have been a quarter million visits from these elite sectors mean that the incorrect part of the old physics is finished completely and permanently. Attempts will be made to teach it – but for no purpose. They will fall on deaf ears. Its funding has been halved in Britain over the past decade, with more cuts to come.

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