Book of Scientometrics Updated to 28/9/14

This is attached and the update is to be found at the end as usual. This book is now well known and well read internationally in its own right and records 2% of the vast total interest: the 2% consists of universities, institutes and similar, for more than ten years daily. Up to 28/9/14 for there were 13,601 distinct visits, 74,840 files downloaded (hits), 50,720 page views, 13.46 gigabytes downloaded, 2,786 documents read from 91 countries, led by USA, Mexico, Romania, Slovakia, Britain, Germany, China, Australia, …. These data show that ECE has replaced the standard model of physics. The latter is obsolete and kept alive by dogma and governmental inertia. In other words there is no longer any purpose in funding the obsolete parts of standard physics. The Alex Hill company is funded by Fortune Fifty Corporations and uses ECE theory as a plausible theory. All of the translation work of Alex Hill is read or heard. All papers, essays, books and articles on are read or heard every month. This month, 2,786 documents were read or heard off in 91 countries. Over time, and its blog have been read in essentially all the countries of the world (about 190 of them). So congratulations to all staff for yet another first class performance in September 2014. The completed returns for September 2014 will be available in a couple of days.


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