Blog of sets two record highs this month

This blog or diary of has set two record highs in September 2014, 7,912 viewings in the month and a new record high for average viewings per day in September of 265. It is on course to set a new record high of about 83,019 viewings in the year of 2014. The blog is my diary and contains nearly twenty thousand entries since Dec. 2006. The interest in it has more than tripled since 1/1/10 when these stats became available. In 2010 there were 26,991 viewings at an average of 75 a day, in 2011 41,027 viewings at an average of 112 a day, in 2012 71,498 viewings at an average of 195 a day, in 2013 71,459 viewings at an average of 196 a day, and projected for 2014 are 83,019 viewings at a current average of 229 a day. Since 1/1/10 there has been a total of 273,395 viewings from 171 countries. Combined with the site there have been visits from essentially all 190 countries of the world. The top five countries are Britain (80,996), USA (42,323), Canada (11,139), Germany (7,348), Australia (5,874) and France (5,218). So the interest is dominated by Britain, reflecting the broad cultural nature of the diary, for example Welsh affairs. The record high interest this month is due to the emergence of a new subject – three dimensional orbit theory, and the splendid graphics and meticulous checking work of Dr. Horst Eckardt. Not only checking, but also many ideas and inferences in his own right. The blog is kindly backed up on to pdf by AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson of Texas, and posted by the CEO of Annexa, David Burleigh of Arizona. Every quarter it is archived for conservation at the British Library from the National Library of Wales as an outstanding diary and part of an outstanding site, produced in Wales with international input of key importance. The archive is on There are plans for making the diary into an online book. It is already a classic of its type, similar to Kilvert’s Diary of my ancestral village in Powys, Cleirwy, or Clyro near Y Gelli Gandryll (Hay on Wye). Kilvert describes my great great grandfather Edward Evans, and his wife, Mary Anne nee Williams. He was given some blankets and wine as alms by the Curate Francis Kilvert, and she was described as “the handsome Mrs Evans, practically religious”. In a second entry of the early eighteen seventies, Edward Evans is feeling better. Kilvert’s Diary is a literary classic.

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