Recurrence of Acute Uveitis

There was an episode of acute uveitis which began last evening so my left eye was covered in blood this morning, with the accompanying light phobia. This was treated well by the emergency units of Morriston Hospital and Singleton Hospital early this morning, which diagnosed acute anterior uveitis. The treatment is dexamethasone eye drops over a few weeks. The right eye is unaffected, so I am able to work normally. I have an underlying sarcoid condition whose origin is not well understood medically and occurs in people of Ancient British and Scandinavian origin. The last episode of acute uveitis began in about 1986 and was eventually cured by a specialist in Syracuse, New York in about 1989 by injecting cortisone over the left eye. That one injection was enough to clear it up. Pressure in both eyes is normal. Injection of cortisone or similar is standard NHS treatment if the steroid drops do not clear it up. The NHS of Aneurin Bevan and Jim Griffiths worked quickly and efficiently despite all the efforts by the tories to destroy it. It has been taken up in over one hundred and forty countries. Otherwise I am in excellent health and the uveitis does not impair anything.

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