Failed Dogmatists of the Obsolete Relativity

After admitting defeat on black holes, dark matter and big bang, string theory, and almost everything else, I think that AIAS should just regard these people as small town failures, and if they bother the staff again, report them to their heads of department in the first instance, then escalate up the University hierarchy, and if they still persist in harassment, call the police. The police are empowered to issue a no contact order under the Prevention of Harassment Act. AIAS staff can ask for such an order. This will give the harasser or perpetrator of written assault in common law an effective criminal record. If they seek employment or funding or promotion this record can be used against them. Trolling is already regarded as a serious criminal offence. This the common law. They have been completely out argued by AIAS Staff, and for years have resorted to cheap shots and outright distortion of truth and history. These are small men, academic failures, a tiny minority of abusive bigots. The vast majority of the academic world consults AIAS every day. No one should think in terms of merit by association, if someone works at a big name University, they must still argue scientifically, and not by the arrogance, insults, inuendo and sarcasm of false authority. There is no way to refute the commutator argument against the Einstein field equation. These people never attempt to do so, never read any papers that refute their work, and are appointed not by merit, but in smoke filled holes, a procedure filled with dark corruption. So I urge the readership to recognize them for what they are, and not be impressed by merit by association.

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