Daily Report Saturday 27/9/14

There were 2,581 hits from 551 distinct visits main spiders yahoo, google and MSN. F3(Sp) 794, Auto1 406, Auto2 91, Book of Scientometrics 266, Evans Equations 253 numerous Spanish; Engineering Model 111, UFT88 87, CEFE 64, Llais 63, Englynion 84, Principles of ECE 33 to date in September 2014. Andorra Essay 43 (Sp); University of Sao Paulo Brazil Home Page; TMCZ Heavy Transport Czechia 2D paper; Denver University other papers; Physics University of Tokyo UFT81; Site Download from kwaoo.net; French Polynesia UFT107; Science and Culture of St. Petersburg Regional Joint Computer Network Education UFT75; Slovak Republic site download; Oxford University List of British Civil List Scientists. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2014.

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