The Obvious Problem with Contemporary Physics

The obvious problem is that it does not work, and refuses to admit it. When a result such as that in Note 270(1) on the blog appears it is almost impossible for the standard physicists to accept its simplicity and power. They are ossified, turned to bone encasing an utterly obscure mindset. Despite the fact that anyone can see that note 270(1) is based on the spherical polar coordinates, the establishment of Einsteinian general relativity cannot bring themselves to admit that their entire approach is wrong, and indeed not needed. At the same time they cannot refute Cartan geometry, (no one can), and most certainly cannot refute spherical polar coordinates. So it is impossible to dialogue with them, which is why AIAS has evolved as it has. Note 270(1) shows that Newtonian gravitation can produce planetary precession. For over four hunded years this was thought to be impossible. Now it is known that it is perfectly possible, just use three dimensions. The entire basis of the Einsteinian general relativity evaporates. The ECE theory on the other hand goes from strength to strength. The graceful beauty of nature is wholly indifferent to human prejudice (pre judgment without fact). Einsteinian general relativity has become the ultimate in hearsay, the complete opposite of Baconian science. The next step is to apply these findings to galaxies where EGR collapses in a heap – and again they don’t admit it.

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