The Angle x = sin theta

The latest result in note 270(1) shows that there is an angle theta defined by x = sin theta in all planar precessions of m around M defined by the inverse square law of universal gravitation. So planetary precession is due simply to three dimensionality itself, a result as graceful as the swallow (y wenol). The precessing planar orbits must have evolved over a span of time from three dimensional orbits (r, theta, phi) to two dimensional orbits (r, phi) with fixed theta defined by x = sin theta, where x is the observed precession factor. Once this is realized there is no need for any further analysis unless one wishes to go deeper in to the origin of x. We already know that x is due to the ubiquitous Thomas precession of special relativity. By Ockham’s Razor the new theory is preferred to the far more complicated and incorrect Einsteinian general relativity. The observed precession factor is

x = 1 + 3MG / (alpha c squared)

= sin theta

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