FOR POSTING: sections 3 of papers 260 and 269

These are both excellent Sections 3, and I am asking Dave to post them in the appropriate places in the UFT Sections. As usual the analysis by co author Horst Eckardt greatly adds to the original papers, and always produces incisive new results as well as checking the concepts and algebra. The graphics are rigorous science and also works of art.

Sent: 31/08/2014 14:31:40 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: sections 3 of papers 260 and 269

I am sending this email from a friend.
I am sending over the numerical sections of papers 260 and 269, maybe there are still some typos in it.

We have already discussed the results for the Beltrami calculation of elementary particles/partons. Perhaps this method has to be combined with a more sophisticated description in the outer particle region but the Beltrami field definitly works, showing that such vortex structures are present in the inner of particles.

For paper 269 I have compiled the 3D images for the LZ, Ltheta/Lphi and L^2-LZ^2 orbits, as well as some plots of angular restrictions following from epsilon>0 and <1. The results seem to be consistent.




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