Book of Scientometrics Updated to End of July 2014

There were an estimated six days lost in July 2014 due to an intermittent timer bug, so the stats to date in July are estimated to be 64,349 hits from 15,389 distinct visits, 9.844 gigabytes downloaded, 43,341 page views from For the three ECE sites, and there were an estimated 96,524 hits from 23,084 distinct visits, 14.77 gigabytes downloaded, 65,012 page views. As usual this is a superb performance and congratulations to all staff. There are reports that access to the site is prevented from some localities due to various faulty servers. This is out of control of the host company Annexa and these faulty servers should either be repaired by the carriers responsible or by passed. Some of them are allowed to be disfunctional for years, so this is not a very good service.


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