Many thanks to Sir Arthur Turner Thomas

Many thanks to Sir Arthur Turner Thomas for a very interesting direct line history on Celtic Royal Genealogy. He kindly sent a lot of certificates and similar. For example my grandfather William John Evans was a servant at age 18 at Llanfillo Rectory if I read the entry correctly. There is only one extant photograph of him, kindly sent by Derek Potter. I posted it on the blog and site. He was known as “Bill Close” and was a plate layer on the Swansea to Brecon line. my cousin Myrna here remembers him well at Glyn y Bedd after my grandmother Gwenllian was drowned in September 1944 while trying to cross the river. Naturally he was subdued after that, but his usual state was a cheerful one. The direct line in Celtic Royal Genealogy goes back to the Edward Evans who married Elizabeth de Gaunt d’Or (Gunter) of Norman descent in St Mary’s Cusop on 27th Dec. 1737. Turner-Thomas has the complete direct line known so far in Celtic Royal Genealogy and many thanks to him. To push it back further will need very careful research as advised by the Hereford Registry recently, probably around Gelli Gandryll or Hay on Wye. Edward Evans IV of the attached line appears twice in Kilvert’s Diary around about 1870. The Curate Francis Kilvert called around and gave him some alms (blankets or sheets and a bottle of wine) because he was ill and cold. He died in 1874. Kilvert seems to write about his second wife Mary Anne nee Williams as “the handsome Mrs Evans, practically religious” or in similar words. His first wife Margaret Beavan died when only 30, probably from the after effects of child birth, leaving a widower and very young children. Mary Anne Evans was my great great grandmother. The direct line all started life as agricultural labourers, sometimes from a very early age, and unpaid. If they were lucky the old farmer treated them well, but farmers were often hard men. I think they would all have been quietly amused and slightly puzzled to find themselves in a Royal Celtic site, but they are all ancestral cousins of lines that go back to the Princes, or as in the case of Elizabeth Gunter, to the Normans. The Royal Editor of “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”, William Bortrick, also sent me a lot of certificates and prepared my entry for that book.


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