Introduction of UFT267

This introduction also serves as a summary of the major advances made in recent papers using x theory and is designed to be understandable by the general reader. There is no doubt that the standard model of physics is to a large extent obsolete dogma that is so complicated and obscure as to be useless even if it were mathematically correct. The ECE theory is a return to the established Baconian principles of several hundred years, and is based directly on rigorously correct geometry – Cartan’s geometry of the early twenties. It was deliberately based on this geometry back in early 2003 in order that it be completely objective. It is impossible to criticise ECE theory without refuting Cartan geometry, which would be like trying to refute the Pythagoras Theorem. The early attacks on ECE were obviously due to personal animosity of a very obscure and unpleasant variety, a typical attack on original thought that occurs again and again in every generation. This strange animosity has been out faced and completely rejected in up to 171 countries. It is as if someone took an intense personal dislike to Greek philosophers like Pythagoras and never mind his theorem.


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