To Whom it May Concern: Unregistered Land South of My House

The unregistered land shown in the attached deeds search was the property of my great grandfather William Newlands, who bought it from the Dyffryn Estate in 1926. It has never been legally conveyed out of his Estate. I own the Deeds as attached of this land and no one else. Mr Ellis O. Williams has claimed falsely that this land is his and has illegally invited people to park on it without my consent, and without any form of consultation. Obviously, if Mr Williams tries to sell this land it would be a serious criminal offence. I was subjected to a vicious verbal common assault and several threats when I asked for a car parked on this land to be removed. The police immediately put a no contact order on the assailant. I would not like to see my cousin Ellis get into trouble, so I am pointing out the facts. I tried to help Ellis by trying to raise the money (£120,000) to buy his house, but could not do so. Ellis has no document to prove that he owns this unregistered land, which was always part of the Newlands Estate. Unfortunately he is directly responsible for this common assault because he invited anti social elements on to land that he does not own, having no proof of ownership. It was a vicious verbal common assault, any recurrence will lead to criminal prosecution. It is very sad to see what has been done to the house next door, it is just an empty shell. I completely disapprove of heritage being disposed of in this way. The car is a public nuisance and could easily be parked elsewhere.

cc Community Council
Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, M. P.


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