265(1): Development of the Gravitational Red Shift with x Theory

In the first part of this note the gravitational red shift is calculated from O level Newtonian dynamics, around Form Two or Three. It is a common misconception that it is due to Einstein. In fact it is due to the equivalence principle for any theory of dynamics. Wikipedia is particularly culpable for spreading misconceptions like this in its fanatical zeal for the standard model of physics. The gravitational red shift is then calculated with x theory to give Eq. (25) from the experimentally observed planetary precession defined by x. Eq. (25) can be tested experimentally by measuring the Lorentz factor gamma = dt / dtau for a precessing orbit. The Harvard tower experiment measured the inertial Newtonian result (15), and was and is a test of the Minkowski metric, nothing to do with the Einstein theory with its failed Schwarzschild metric. The precise result of the Havard tower experiment is due to the fact that it was an inertial experiment, it effectively dropped an object from the top of the tower to the bottom and measured the frequency difference, which translates into a time difference. As an Aberystwyth, Oxford and Cornell man I know that you cannot tell a Harvard man anything, even the time (in humour, a well known joke like the standard model).


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