Readings of UFT88

UFT88 has been studied intensively for about five or six years in all the best places worldwide, and describes what happens to the second Bianchi identity if torsion is present. I respectfully suggest that the vast readership of ECE continue to study Proofs One to Five as it has been doing for about half a dozen years. These proofs show why torsion MUST be present, it can never be zero without the curvature being zero. The proofs are very simple to understand. The key point is that the anti symmetry of the commutator (accepted by all) must also be the antisymmetry of the geometrical connection. To see this simply use mu = nu and the commutator vanishes, along with the torsion AND curvature. So the torsion must be non zero. The discussion on the whirlpool galaxy just posted shows that it is completely non Newtonian and non Einsteinian. The reason for light deflection due to gravitation, and perihelion precession, is again the Cartan torsion (UFT261). Unfortunately the claimed accuracy of Einstein in the solar system is an illusion but the improved Einstein theory, ECE theory, cures all the errors. So I don’t see any problem in accepting ECE theory, it is after all just textbook geometry (it is all in Carroll, “Spacetime and Geometry”, and his online notes are free). Simply read chapters one to three, the commutator proof is in those chapters. In UFT99 I give a lot more detail of the commutator proof than Carroll, and in general I have given a lot more detail of many of Carroll’s proofs. So all the personal animosity is garbage. It has the effect of turning decent people off physics, and that is a pity. People do not expect a professor to indulge in gutter abuse, and in fact this is academic misconduct verging on criminality (trolling).

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