FOR POSTING: Blog pdf Updated to May 30th 2014 by Michael Jackson

Many thanks again to Michael Jackson! This is work of key importance because it archives the blog or diary at the British Library from the National Library of Wales. A vote of great thanks to AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson and I agree that the redundant “usage statistics” block can be deleted. The blog is coming up to a quarter million viewings since January 1st 2010, and is read currently in one hundred and seventy countries. It has 18,886 postings since December 2006. There were several record highs for March and April 2014, (daily, weekly and monthly) and there will be a record shattering annual total of viewings in 2014.

Daily Blog Update for 2014 to May 30

Hello Dr Evans,

I’m happy to send you the Daily Blog update in pdf format. Please upload for the quarterly archive.

This file is smaller than usual, as there were very few pictures. Next time, if you recommend, I can delete the daily text block: “Usage Statistics for“, as it doesn’t contain any useful data.

If anyone needs to edit the pdf, the password is the same as usual.

It is my pleasure to help in getting ECE theory accepted by the physics and engineering communities.


Michael Jackson


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