A Million Chinese Hits in May.

This is the title of my new song, for which Simon is scheduled to play the jazz trumpet, Robert the guitar, with Gerard ‘t Hooft on drums. In fact there has been a rapid growth of interest in ECE from China in the past two years, and it is the last major nation to join the fan club.

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Perhaps there are a million Chinese physicists all intensely interested in the same topic?

On 31 May 2014 07:09, <EMyrone> wrote:

To date there have been 988,742 hits, 14,024 distinct visits, 37,303 page views and 10.354 gigabytes downloaded. However the hits total was severely distorted by a Chinese site that spent almost the entire month trying to download UFT107 automatically, running up almost a million hits.The genuine hits total is estimated from the average ratio of hits to page views over the past six months, which is 1.49. So the genuine total of hits to date in May 2014 is estimated to be 55,581, or roughly about 56,000. There are still two more days of stats to come in for May. This is the last day of the month so I am taking monthly stats before they are overwritten. These will be added to the Book of Scientometrics as usual. This book is a very accurate database containing over ten years of data showing ten years of very intense interest in ECE theory from all the best places in the world. So it is easy to see that ECE will be studied intensely for the foreseeable future at all the best places. Nothing more could be asked from any theory of natural philosophy. This is the post Einstein paradigm shift, a phrase coined by Professor Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe of Denver University, the most eminent physics editor of the past half century.

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