An Original Kapitza Spider Superfluid Center Galaxy Model

Pleasure, and thank you in turn! This looks like a very interesting blog posting of yours, and we are working on a theory that will use the Beltrami formalism from sub elementary particle level to galaxies. I intend to post some more calculations today.

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Thank you Dr Evans for being the greatest teacher to learn so much from, as I study ECE and practice your insightful wisdom. I would like to present an original galaxy model with jets and spiral arms where stars form like beads attached to filaments. In 1948, before little was known in cosmology, Kapitza experimented with superfluid helium, and obtained jets and spiral arms, as the superfluid helium warms and evaporates. The two fluid MHD model with orthovortex countervortices, could form cosmic scale flux tubes where galaxies interact. The superfluid superflow is in the opposite direction of the normal matter or gas flow, forming superfluid vortices, rings, knots, pinches, etc. An insulating bubble surrounding the SF helium is the accretion disk where the jets originate and become twisted into Birkeland currents. Photos and animations are at:

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