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This looks very interesting, from sub elementary particle level to galaxies. As a Civil List Pensioner employed directly by the Head of State here in Britain I would probably be eligible, especially as we have produced a great amount of work on cosmology. By all means go ahead with any ideas you may have for animations. I have just been discussing some ideas with Norman Page, who lives in Texas. As you know there are applications in flow dynamics, aerodynamics, geology (meandering of rivers), atmospheric phenomena, plasma dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, superconductivity, electrodynamics, gravitation, unified field theory, orbital theory, superfluid dynamics as in your area and many other fields. The B(3) field theory and the observation of B(3) as a central galactic jet is a very interesting area, structure of the electron, proton and neutron, telegraph theory, Klein Gordon theory, and many other areas. I can give you the authority to sign on my behalf as an AIAS Associate. I like initiative and inductive work, taking ideas to a new level. This is how co authorship of many papers developed with Horst Eckardt, Doug Lindstrom, Robert Cheshire and others. Induction means that the theory has been studied and understood.

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TAO can make galaxy formation models using astronomical data, with hundreds of user selectable tabs, including a catalogue of geometry, light cones, angles, dust… and a choice without dark matter. The site says “Anyone with a legitimate association with a Astronomy community will be granted an account.”

I suggest ECE experts register and make galaxy sims using Cartan geometry, which had better be supported! I will try making Beltrami galaxy simulations, if I can get an account there, by stating ECE credentials as a contributing member of ECE.

I made video animations to explain the polar ring galaxy structure, by using magnetic reconnecting vortices, and MHD fluid flow around a spinning projectile obstacle.

I also made animations of lab and cosmic scale spinning quantized vortex superfluid structures, for the new ECE unified particle theory, for earth’s van allen belts, solar system planets, galaxies.. and changing light brightness, shapes, and locations of what dogmatists claim are gravitational lensed quasars. I theorize the gravational lensed quasars are a superfluid vortex surface having ECE spin orbital light resonance connection to the galaxy center.

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