Gravitation in ECE Theory

I behaves in exactly the same way as electromagnetism, the equations are all given in the Engineering Model. It is up to the graduate student or researcher to apply the equations. It is difficult to think of anything that cannot be described by geometry

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There are people out who argue that gravitation is a special
polarization effect of matter in a certain high-frequency range. This
would explain that it does not play a role in microscopic and highly
macroscopic dimensions. By ECE theory we have a good basis to support
such a model. The only thing I do not understand is how this can depend
on the frequency.


Am 27.02.2014 21:34, schrieb Norman Page:
> In thinking about all this it is more and more apparent that
> gravitational effects are only of interest over a very small span of
> space.At the particle level
> they must be insignificant. At galactic levels they are only of
> interest over small parts of the galaxy hence the divergence re
> rotation curves. and at extragalactic distances – galaxy clusters etc
> they are again likely insignificant.Only for tiny humans in a star
> system do gravitational effects seem of great importance.
> This should be immediately obvious from first principles.seeing that
> the electric force is 10^39 times more powerful than gravity.

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