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I will ask Dave Burleigh to cross link from our site and I can post links to your sites on my blog. I would just need to know which of your sites I need to refer to. One of my colleagues, Dr Horst Eckardt, suggested that you might like to extend your work to molecules. DNA would make a symphony like the last movement of Mozart’s number 41, with many themes all interwoven.

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Dr. Evans, that would be wonderful and most appreciated. Let me know if I can help in any way in return.

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This is a fascinating piece of work and I would be glad to cross link to your website from my blog and site if you wish, without giving away the password and username of course. The cross links could be accompanied by an appeal on behalf of the homeless, especially in mid winter. I saw some of these on the main station in Zuercih when I was at the University there. There are many in Swansea, near here, and every big city. Many are drug addicts as you probably know.

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Dr. Evans,

I recently created a new audible periodic table where you can hear the sounds of the light from each element. What I did was take the atomic spectral frequency and intensity data for each element from NIST, drop the frequency data 40 octables into hearing range and output the new frequency and intensity data as a sound file for each element. It provides a unique experience of the elements and their relationships. For example, one can hear the complex musical scale as one goes from simple hydrogen up through the complexites of carbon and oxygen to the tension of fluorine and the beautiful tonal resolution of neon.

I would like to share it more people, but I am not really sure how to introduce it online to more people. I was hoping you had some ideas on how I might best share it. Any suggestions from you would be very welcome. The address of the website is

The table is free to listen to for everyone, but I set up some other tables (one that plays almost like a piano) that require a small subscription fee. I set up a full-access account for you to check out all of the options if you wish. I particularly recommend the Quick-Play Table. The login page is


Please do let me know what you think and any tips you might have that would help me to offer this to more people. If there is anything that you can do to help spread the word, I would be very grateful.

Best Regards,

Joshua Gulick


Websites: Host The Homeless, Spectraphonic Periodic Table, Lumindia

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