Reducing the General Solution to a Plane Wave Plus B(3)

I studied and developed the notes by Dr. Horst Eckardt and found that his correct computer algebra can be reduced straightforwardly to two conjugate plane waves and B(3), giving the B Cyclic Theorem. I will send out these notes tomorrow. The general solution is a rich subject area directly akin to flow dynamics, giving an infinite variety of possibilities for graphics and animations. There is no way of claiming that B(3) does not exist without violating geometry, which was my very first conclusion of November 1991 just after returning from Zurich. This is the same conclusion as Wigner in the thirties, if there is zero photon mass, the O(3) group of space collapses to the planar Euclidean group E(2), which in three dimensional space is unphysical. It means essentially that if there is zero photon mass, 3 D must be 2 D, a total utter nonsense of standard physics.

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