Self Defence in the Law of England and Wales

This is based on the idea of reasonable force, to be determined by a jury. In my opinion I am entitled to forcibly apprehend any stalker by reasonable force, without weapons, and hand him over to the police, this would only be done in an emergency. The police advise not trying to apprehend them personally and this is what I also advise. Some stalkers or vandals are very dangerous. I worked with the local police for eight years to successfully clear biker vandals from Gelliwastad and Craig Cefn Parc, without any means of self defence such as a truncheon or tazer. I confronted the criminals verbally on several occasions, often outnumbered on remote moorland, and handed over number plates to the police. I was frequently assaulted in various ways by being grazed at up to about fifty miles an hour by a heavy motor bike, and covered in mud by deliberate spinning of a back wheel, frequently subjected to violent verbal abuse. I was doing my duty as Armiger (a member of the untitled nobility in Wales). No Councillor would do their duty. Seemingly angelic horse riding vandals are just as bad. In the end they set the entire ecology ablaze and ruined it totally as is well known. The police are frequently assaulted by these biker criminals. There should be a military style crackdown against them and all bikes scrapped. The police are not allowed to use tazers or plastic bullets, only a police truncheon. In my opinion they should be allowed to use tazers, and as a last resort, live ammunition after a warning shot over their heads. Horse riding vandals have ruined the footpaths and foul adn obstruct the narrow roads. I use a different route now. I sustained quite a lot of ligament damage but I am now recovering. The ancient law of Wales was that of my ancestor, Y Brenin Hywel Dda, (King Hywel the Good) and people were certainly allowed to defend themselves, again with reasonable force. The police and I have finally cleared Gelliwastad but the Council and Beaufort Estate (an absentee aristocratic landowner responsible for wind turbines) have done absolutely nothing at all. There are still no gates, which could very easily block access to what is let of a unique ecology, which is very little. I know this because I was born here in this very house, and returned after many years to see a sad ruin of the past.

cc Martin Caton M. P. Gower.

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