Daily Report 30/10/13

There were 3075 hits from 499 distinct visits, 12.4% spiders from baidu, google, MSN and softlayer. Auto1 201, Auto2 69, Feedback Book 69, Evans Equations 46 (English) over a thousand (Spanish) Englynion 22, Autosonnets 20; Second Book of Poetry 14, Autoarchive 11 to date in October. European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) UFT166(Sp); California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo Educational Note 2; Ohio University 2D paper by Douglas Lindstrom; Public Net Portland State University UFT166; University of Central Florida UFT176; Mathematics University of Houston UFT42; Andalucian Junta Essay74(Sp); University of Barcelona UFT152; Laboratory of Algorithmic Informatics Universite de Paris Diderot Geometric Theory of Fields; Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Ioannina Greece Potential Waves; School of Advanced Computing Mexican National Polytechnic Institute UFT149(Sp); Hewlett Packard Europe UFT166(Sp); Faculty of Science Free University of Amsterdam UFT42; Wellington Girls’ College New Zealand UFT43; Bihor University Romania UFFT43; Intelbi Company Russia general; Girton College Cambridge UFT85; University of Wales Swansea UFT171. Intense interest all sectors, attached usage file updated for October 2013.

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