The Making of a Threat to Kill

The blog owner who made these threats is liable to from the years to life imprisonment if there is a significant risk of serious harm if he is released from prison (Criminal Justice Act 2003). The making of a threat to kill is an offence where the defendant intends the victim to fear it will be carried out, whether premeditated or in anger. Repeated threats to kill will probably result in an indeterminate prison sentence of up to life in prison. So the number of threats on the blog should be listed. There are many such threats, so the judge will probably take them all into account. Other threats of violence, including verbal violence as on the blog, may be prosecuted summarily under the Public Order Act of 1986. The blog owner is probably “Aaron Vee”, so his accomplices are liable also to summary prosecution. “Aaron Vee” was traced to Aberystwyth in 2010 and to Cambridge in 2013. His computer IP is known and the overwhelming opinion is that he should be arrested as soon as possible. The police are acting with efficiency. Obviously “Aaron Vee” is a criminal, not a scientist.

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