Multiple Threats Being Investigated by the Police

As a public figure I get a lot of threats and so on. These are a couple of typical “veiled death threats”, and typical of the behaviour of a predatory stalker as defined by the psychologist Mullen in a nineties study of stalker psychology. The South Wales Police have recently opened a second on going investigation in to these felonies. It is known that Waldyr Rodrigues, P. W. Atkins and a David Fisher of Zuerich are associated with activities of the stalker “Aaron Vee”, well known to the police. So they have self destructed as reputable scientists. I have advised the AIAS group to take suitable precautions. I am responsible for their safety as the AIAS President, and the buck stops here in the words of President Truman. If identified, Aaron Vee faces imprisonment. Threats such as these are serious felonies. This message is from a person who wishes to remain anonymous. All e mail addresses are removed from this blog with the exception of my own e mail address.

Physical threats of violence are being made against members of the targeted research group (

Death Threat One

“We look forward to the day when shooting crackpots at will is excused.”

Death Threat Two

“a .45 would have been very comforting… A word of advice, Alex: no point in having an impressive fence at the front if the fence at the back is weak. You really should replace that bent fence-post; an old mattress and, ole, any peon could have it away with your bug or pickup” (end quote).
Also, individual researchers are being stalked, and their personal information is being posted on a stalking website (occupation, pictures of business location, description of how to break into their buildings, what cars the researchers drive, etc).

The entire stalking blog is geared at harrassing a single researcher, with no other goal. The target of the threats and abuse is the physics researcher, Dr Myron Evans, who is a highly trained mathematician and physicist. His work is valid research, and he should not be a victim of arbitrary threats, abuse, and harassment, nor should his researchers have to live with stalkers who visit their employers, then post personal details on the web.
I will be happy to email a list of the threats, and evidence of stalking done by the stalking blog, and I will call to speak to an admin, if needed.
It is likely the stalking blog is being funded by certain vested interests, to discredit the new physics discoveries. In the interest of all mankind, please do what you can to stop the harrassment of real researchers, like Dr Evans.

I will be happy to help in any way I can.
Thank you very much,

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