Use this google keyword to find 6,260 entries on this new topic that is a revolution in medicine. It uses advanced electronic implants to treat a host of diseases. I have no medical qualifications and have never worked in the area of cancer or medical research, but about twenty years ago I encouraged early work on what was to become electroceuticals in a letter to the Craddock Foundation recommending funding of what was then a revolutionary new idea. Alex Hill brought my attention to a million pound GSK initiative on electroceuticals earlier this year. On 8th August 2013 Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), the largest pharmaceuticals firm in Britain, announced a thirty million pound investment into electroceuticals. So I am proud to have played even a very tiny role in the development of the subject. Early ideas on this type of research go back to Anoine Priore, who was a friend of the French Prime Minister, but who ran into difficulties caused again by dogmatists, who delayed the development of the subject for years and tried to brand Priore, wiki style. They are still at it now, but have obviously been consigned whither they belong – the dustbin of history and decent society. Alex Hill has done research into electroceuticals and has several devices available. GSK is probably already marketing them, or preparing to market them. I don’t think that even the nuttiest crank would call GSK “fringe science”. As usual Alex Hill was a quarter century or more ahead of his time. His work is recognized by Mexican industry and Government and his translations of ECE theory are open source “best readers”. We make our ideas free to all, so they cannot be called “best sellers”. However this is exactly what they are.

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