Daily Report 30/9/13

There were 2245 hits from 586 distinct visits, 34.7% spiders from baidu, google and MSN. Auto1 132, Auto2 29, CEFE 31, Englynion 15 from 7th Sept. 2013. Bishop’s University Canada general; University of Waterloo Misconceptions in Electromagnetism; Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne UFT41; National Distance Learning University Colombia F3(Sp); University of Colorado Boulder UFT148; Columbia University New York City UFT1, 2, 237, 246, 247, 248, ECE Devices, “Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” by Lar Felker; Roberts Hall for freshman students Florida Institute of Technology UFT237; Physics and Astronomy University of Rochester New York Spacetime; University of Illinois Urbana Champaign UFT175; University of Poitiers general; Pan-European Union Law University of Szeged Hungary Suggested Combined Strategy; Mathematics National University of Mexico Essay 57 (Sp); Silesian Data Center Poland Autobiography Volume One; Lexical Computing Ltd. Sketch Engine Some Family History; University of Fort Hare, Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa UFT25. Intense interest all sectors. Usage File attached from Sept 7th to 30th.

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