Worsening Situation at Fukushima

Can you provide me with scientific data on this situation? I have always been an opponent of nuclear power because it is too dangerous. Trawsfynydd and Wylfa also leaked radiation causing many deaths by cancer. The cover up has been busted now. Trawsfynydd has been shut down but I am not convinced that the radiation is not still leaking. Chernobyl was of course the worst incident, and Four Mile Island a near disaster. The authorities covered it up in the former USSR until the radiation was detected in Scandinavia. Thousands in the Ukraine, Belorussia and even the Baltic States are reported to have died or to have contracted radiation illness, but the authorities try to deny it. If the Japanese authorities are indulging in a cover up they should be censured immediately by the United Nations. There is clearly no global warming, and gas fired power stations should be built as a matter of emergency, otherwise Britain will become dependent on turbines that produce nothing, and on imported electricity, much of it from nuclear power stations on the continent. The USA and Germany have banned nuclear power stations.

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Hello Myron. Ever since the Nuclear accident at Fukushima, as a result of the tsunami, I have regularly monitored the situation and its impact on the Pacific Ocean. Latest developments about leakages and the serious situation in the number 4 pool seem very disturbing indeed. It also is disappointing to find how little media coverage there is. I don’t know if you intend to make any comments on the issues but I hope that you will. Best wishes. Vivienne.

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