Opinion of Pauli on Unobservables

Pauli could get very angry at rubbish theories which contain so many unobservables that they cannot be tested, examples are big bang, black holes, Higgs boson, aspects of QED and QCD and myriads of other forgettable imposters in physics. He called them “not even wrong”. He was an Austrian prodigy who was educated at Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich. His Ph. D. supervisors were Sommerfeld and Born. He became a full professor at the age of 28 in ETH Zurich in 1928 and emigrated to the US in 1940 where he was a full professor at the Princeton Institute. He was nominated for a Nobel Prize for the exclusion principle by Einstein, and received it in 1945. He returned to Zurich and became a Swiss citizen in 1949. He fell out with Heisenberg who ignored his funeral. Pauli could be cuttingly critical of any theory that was lacking, which is exactly the line taken by AIAS scholars today. In UFT174 I derived the empirical Pauli exclusion principle from geometry. I met a descendant of Pauli who was a friend of my first wife on a visit to Minneapolis Minnesota. The Mississippi river crosses the campus of the University of Minneapolis Twin Cities and is just a small river in those latitudes. I refuted the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in UFT175 with Horst Eckardt making valuable computational contributions and checking the maths and concepts as usual. These papers have been read thousands of times without a single objection, and are mainstream physics by now. Jose Croca has refuted Heisenberg in many ways experimentally. Big Bang has been refuted by ECE in many ways, and has also been refuted experimentally. The dogmatists still cling to these outmoded ideas and are able to give each other huge prizes for rubbish, “not even wrong” but we will give you the prize anyway.

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