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You are very welcome to attend the Fourth AIAS Conference next year, probably again mainly at Aberystwyth, and no doubt the Third AIAS Conference will study your talk in detail. I think that the only thing that will stop the particle circus is the world running out of fuel and food. So much for natural philosophy that at one time promised to enlighten the masses. Roger Penrose has been running around the world half his life it seems to me. If he is peering through a big bang to another world he needs glasses made out of dark matter. I think he is in another world already. Congratulations once more and good journey home.

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Dear Professor Evans, Thank you most sincerely for the invitation to Aberystwyth. Unfortunately flight logistics and other commitments prevent me from being able to come on this occasion. If not for the conference in Russia I would have certainly attended the Conference in Wales. Perhaps I can attend the next AIAS Conference.

Roger Penrose will speak at a conference (Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory) at the Baumann State Technical University in Moscow this week. I was also invited to that conference, but I could not make it and that in Protvino. I would have relished the opportunity to tangle with Penrose in public. Penrose will speak on two topics (i) Twistors, (ii) Looking Through the Big Bang to Another World. I think the title of his talk speaks for itself!

Thank you for posting my Protvino presentation to the AIAS site, and for proposing to use it at the AIAS Conference.

Kind regards,

Steve Crothers

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This is one of many cover ups, they bought up all the quilts. There are many like minded people – this happened to be a conference where all the participants were standard physicists. MAyeb Steve can fly over to Aberystwyth if schedule permits.

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Dear Stephen,

Well done!

You need a drink after that, but that will by yourself amidst icy looks.

It sounds as if things are getting worse after the cover up at the collider in CERN.

At least their neutrino revelations as faster than light fell apart.

Best Wishes

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Congratulations on giving this talk before the party faithful. Obviously they are not scientists. I think that the use of twenty billion dollars for this new accelerator is utterly disgraceful, and the money is much better spent on real science such as research into new energy, new forms of fuel, new forms of food production, and measures to combat the threat of methane being released from the Arctic (Michael Jackson). It is obvious that their kind of peudoscience is wildly out of control, Higgsinos will probably have five hundred adjustable variables, a new world record. I bet that none of these cats ever read the UFT papers, particularly UFT225, and they can be dismissed as propagandists of no interest to professional scientists. So stalinist propaganda has been replaced by one based on higgsinos, little Higgses. I advise Governments not to fund this new monster collider in view of the urgent problems now facing humankind. Congratulations to Stephen Crothers on having the courage to tell the truth. Safe journey home!

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Dear Professor Evans,

I spoke today at the conference in Protvino, Russia. I made it so simple that all understood, and they were very displeased. One arrogant fellow got up and left during my talk. Afterwards, during question time, they went on the attack but could offer no counter arguments and instead tried to evade the issues. Another bloke tried to accuse me of things I did not even say in my talk, so I stopped him and set him straight in front of everybody. Others told me that I should not criticise if I did not offer an alternative theory. One fellow particularly addressed me in this fashion, and so I told him that what he said was false because I am not obligated to invent another theory just because I proved their theory fallacious. That silenced him. Nobody would talk to me afterwards, not that many did beforehand, but they went out of their way to avoid me. It was madness. Here is what I opened with.

Is spatially infinite, is static, is not expanding, is asymptotically flat.

Is either spatially finite or infinite, is non-static, is expanding, is not asymptotically flat.

Thus the black hole and the big bang are contradictory, and so no black hole universe can be in a big bang universe, or even be in another black hole universe, and no big bang universe can be in a black hole universe or in another big bang universe.

So what did they collectively decide to do in the end? Pretend that nothing has changed and go on regardless.

Today’s programme (final day) was on black holes and cosmology. They invoked cold dark matter, warm dark matter, sterile neutrinos, primordial ‘non-relativistic’ black holes, evaporating black holes, primordial gravitational waves from the big bang, ‘normal’ black holes, temperatures of all these black holes and of the early universe, Higgs bosons with strings, and on and on.

The first two days was on particle physics. It is as bad as cosmology and black holes. They claim that their alleged Higgs boson is composite and made up of or involves Higgsinos (I kid you not). They have new particles all over the place, and Supersymmetry despite no experimental evidence for it and no actual theoretical model, and Quark Gluon Plasma, and other things. They are also already talking about a new collider to replace the Large Hadron Collider (it is called the International Linear Collider – ILC). It seems it is a done deal, and will be introduced to the public at a convenient time, at a cost of at least $20 billion. Don’t worry that people in this world don’t have money enough for food – give us a bigger collider!

Kind regards,
Steve Crothers

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