Feedback to date in May 2013 for

As usual this is recorded on the last day of the month before the main file is overwritten, and is found at the end of the attached 241 page book of feedback for universities, institutes and similar since April 30th 2004. This is only about 2% of the vast total interest in ECE theory, sustained at this very intense level for a decade. Obviously, ECE unified physics has matured as a new school of thought and is here to stay. It has also pioneered a new and hugely successful method of education. It makes standard physics almost entirely obsolete. For May 2013 to date for there were 83,739 hits from 16,731 distinct visits (about 170,000 readings), 56,426 page views, 12.25 gigabytes downloaded due to several complete site downloads, mainly by Google Inc. of California.


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