Daily Report 30/5/13

There were 4,688 hits from 518 distinct visits, 74.5% spiders due mainly to another comprehensive download by Google Inc. (attached access details report for this working group only), also baidu. MSN, sistrix and yandex. Auto1 128; Auto2 60; Englynion 29; CEFE 33. Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne Potential Waves; Lockheed Martin UFT177; Hlinecko Community Czechia UFT88, UFT102; Autonomous University of Barcelona UFT239(Sp); Polytechnic University College of Engineering Removals Catalonia UFT33; Science University of Valencia Antisymmetric Connection (Sp); Brukenthal National Museum Romania UFT8; University of Poitiers general; Auckland University of Technology New Zealand Experimental Advantages of ECE Theory; Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for May 2013.

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