Plans for Weekend

I will be working as usual on the second volume of my autobiography and tomorrow on UFT243 applying the new ECE theory of particle collisions to the Einstein theory of specific heats. The next stage of the autobiography will cover the final few months of my stay at Aberystwyth and how I defeated the administrative hostility by producing regular high quality papers. I kept on doing this until the present, when administrative disruption has been eliminated in favour of free thought. I mentioned Cor Tewdws University this morning, founded about 500 A. D. by St Illtud Fawr (the Great) about forty miles from here in Llan Illtud Fawr (Llantwit Major), and cannot help concluding that the intellectual level in sub Roman Britain was higher than it is today, in the interval between getting rid of one despot, the Roman Empire, and another, The Vikings turned into Normans. “Tewdwr” or Tudor is Theodoric, and Tewdws is Theodosius, two Greek derived names showing the Hellenic influence on the Celtic Insular Culture (The Age of the British and Irish Saints). I hope that the autobiography will be of some use in reforming the educational system, but with high student fees, and low standards I see self education as the only education. This was also the philosophy of St. Iltud Fawr, and back before him to the Druids in time immemorial.

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