The M.B.E.

Many thanks! He mentioned that he knew Robin WIlliams, the former Principal at Swansea, and another boozer.

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I don’t know if there was more than one M.B.E at Craig-y-Nos, but the only one I knew was my first cousin who was there with his wife Sandra.His name is Bernard Mallows.His mother was Hannah Mary Elizabeth, The daughter of Daniel John Potter, son of William and Hannah Potter.The reference to the drinking specialist was because he was a real boozer who treated his wife Sophia badly. ,

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> Date: Friday, 26 April, 2013, 9:16
> I think I did, he mentioned that he was a Powell of
> Rice Davies Powell and
> that his grandfather specialized in drinking.
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> :
> We
> talked to the wife of the MBE. We did not meet her
> husband. She was a Potter
> but had married and we can’t remember her married
> name. There were a group of
> them there with this different surname. If you said the
> surname to us we think
> we would remember it. The lady’s husband had been an
> industrial chemist and he
> got his MBE for Health and Safety. Think he had been in
> industry, in
> manufacturing. Vivienne. P. S. Did you meet the gentleman
> who had been in the
> Morriston Orpheus choir? He was wearing the choir tie and
> badge.

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