Summary of April 2013 to Date for Nine Year Mark

This is found as usual at the end of the attached book of feedback for universities, institutes and similar. This is about 2% of the vast readership of ECE theory. Today is the ninth anniversary of daily recording of this type, giving a unique record which is archived on both sides of the Atlantic: at the British library from the National Library of Wales, and in the U. S. National Archives. It is seen that the theory has been studied very intensely for nine years by readers in all the best universities, institutes, corporations, government departments, organizations, and so on around the world. This means that standard physics is entirely obsolete. The ECE theory is the first successful unified field theory of natural philosophy and has applications in the search for new energy. Many congratulations to all AIAS staff and others who have helped build AIAS. This is a historic achievement by any measure. The final returns for April 2013 will be ready tomorrow, when they will be prepared in pdf for posting on and archiving. This message posts them on the blog of


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