Protest Against Cutting Down Trees near Craig y Nos Castle

The trees were on land opposite to Craig y Nos Castle, and had been there for well over a hundred years. I was parking my car when I was told to move on by a long haired yob encased in a yellow, carrying a battle axe, sorry a saw, because I might be crushed by a falling tree. I think that a strong formal protest should be sent to CADW and to the Brecon Beacons National Park. Even worse is that Tony Hibbert told me that some of the trees in the unique arboreum would also be cut down. These are irreplaceable. As you can see all those in authority evade responsibilty. When Gelliwastad was burnt to charcoal no one took responsibilty, and there was not even an enquiry. This is why I advocate the rereferendum system, because anything might happen at any time, some infinitely stupid rule might result in half of Pontardawe being knocked down. It is not quite as bad as that, but very early on in academia I found that the people there were completely cynical. If one mentioned the Welsh language they would react by not reacting. It is a society in the last stages of decadence, and hardly a society at all.

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Subj: RE: Protest Against Cutting Down Trees near Craig y Nos Castle

Dear Myrone,
Yes, I was there on Saturday and it is a dreadful sight. Whose land is this, and who gave the authority? It seems an endless protest against lunacy . I am trying to save St. Peter’s Schoolroom in Pontardawe which the P.C.C. have allowed to rot for too many years.
Where is the church? Where is their vast stock of money kept?
Life is not as I imagined it would be.
Battle on!

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