Reply to Enquiry by AM for South West Wales

I have been a fierce opponent of the wind turbine fiasco for fifteen years as recorded on my blog on I am opposed to the EEC policy on wind turbines and it well turn out to be illegal, in which case the turbines on Betws and Mynydd y Gwair would have to be demolished. Betws is a forced development pushed through illegally against an 80% majority in violation of human rights and the United Nations Aarhus Convention. Mynydd y Gwair is opposed by a 95% majority and twenty groups. Swansea Council sold out and represents no one in Mawr, in which I am the only Armiger. I am a U. S. dual citizen, and therefore a republican. This area of Mawr has a Leveller tradition gong back to the time of Cromwell, who surveyed it in 1650. The main points against turbines are well known. They include the following.

1) They need back up by conventional power stations and disrupt the grid at huge expense.
2) They are grossly inefficient. In the past two weeks I have observed the ugly turbines on Betws and they have been switched off for long intervals of time due to high wind and calm conditions. It is clear already that they are useless.
3) Carbon dioxide does not cause global warming, by now that is well known. Experimentally there has been no global warming for fifteen years or so. We are entering upon a cold interval in climatology. That is also well known. All this is explained on my blog in comprehensive detail.
4) Wind turbines emit carbon dioxide during the course of manufacture and through the fact that they need conventional back up.
5) They kill wildlife, and may kill human beings. By now this is well known, and of course it is illegal, a form of manslaughter.
6) They completely destroy the unique beauty of Wales.
7) The California experience has shown that once they become uneconomical, they are abandoned, so become rusting monuments to grotesque folly.
8) Without subsidies they are grossly uneconomical.
9) Their input to the grid is still negligible.
10) Their actual capacity is far below advertized capacity.
11) They use democracy as a doormat.

Mawr has many serious problems of crime, notably the problem of biker and horse riding vandalism on Mynydd Gelliwastad. I have been working with the police for two years trying to get gates and fencing constructed. This is easily done. At present a great amount of public resource is wasted because the police are obliged to chase bikers and horse riders all over the mountain. Recently Gelliwastad was completely destroyed by arson, so I call for a public enquiry. The Somerset Trust, Council and Martin Caton have failed to govern Mawr and have failed to control arson and vandalism for many years. As Armiger I have tried to combat these vandals myself, sometimes in situations of personal danger. The police are frequently assaulted by bikers, and horse riders roam illegally all over Gelliwastad despite many warnings. In my opinion all off road bikes should be destroyed immediately, circumstantial evidence such as tracks and hoof marks used to prosecute vandals, arsonists imprisoned for up to twenty years with hard labour, and local stables shut down for hundreds of offences of trespass. All of this is recorded on the blog of, with about a hundred photographs of horrendous damage to Gelliwastad. I have asked the Ramblers Wales to campaign for gates and fencing. In my opinion the Welsh language is in serious danger of becoming extinct in Mawr due to grotesque and indiscriminate over development, and there should be a stop to house trading in Welsh speaking areas. Broydd Iaith should be set up to protect the language, and houses made available to young Welsh speaking families at very low prices so that the Welsh language has a chance of survival against a tide of mindless materialism. Grossly inflated house prices should be reduced by law and a Welsh language test applied to all monoglot immigrants. Electronic referenda should be introduced, with proportional representation and compulsory voting, on national, regional and local levels. A referendum in South West Wales (Deheubarth) would sweep away the Betws and Mynydd y Gwair turbines by an almost unanimous majority against. None of the Councillors of Swansea Councils are elected by a majority of the register, some get as low as 20%. There should be term restrictions of a maximum of five years for all representatives. Some remain there for fifty years on 20% of the vote. The Somerset Trust should be nationalized immediately and a Welsh Land Act introduced along the lines of Gladstone, Balfour and Parnell for Ireland.

As a U. S. dual citizen I an appalled at the deterioration in the Mawr of my youth, after many years away. There is also the problem of cars being parked indiscriminately on narrow roads, speeding cars, cars being parked on junctions and pavements. Special car parks are needed to get them off the roads. This is again very easy to do. As a U. S. dual citizen it is inappropriate for me to stand as a Councillor. Many people have urged me not to become involved in politics, especially in the system as it is today. Recently in Mawr a forced housing development was rejected with intense anger, and a referendum promised. The local Councillor came in for very heavy criticism. Although he has opposed turbines, he has failed to stop them.

Yn Gywir,

Myron Evans

Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Armiger of Mawr,
Civil List Pensioner,,

(Prof. M. W. Evans, Armiger (or Squire), D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)).

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