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March 30, 2013

The blog has now been read 156,533 times in 158 countries. It is estimated that the lifetime of the site and other ECE sites will be at least fifty years, during which time ECE theory will be read one hundred and fifty million times.

FOR POSTING: Latest Version of Autobiography

March 30, 2013

This is the latest version of the autobiography and I can ask David Burleigh to kindly post it and overwrite the previous version. It is also being posted on the blog. It is not revisionist history, but reflects the thoughts of an eighteen year old first year undergraduate of that radical era, the late sixties, with occasional commentary from experience. Most of my class of 1971 did not turn up at the degree ceremony in protest. I was completely unlike them in that I wanted very much to learn. The learning process began as a graduate student, the best years at Aberystwyth.


Daily Report 29/1/13

March 30, 2013

There were 3146 hits from 473 distinct visits, 50% spiders from AHRefs, baidu, google, and MSN. Mayo Medical School, Mayo Clinic UFT140; Institut d’Optique Palaiseau France UFT169; University of Poitiers general; University of Rennes 1 Experimental refutation of Heisenberg; The Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institutions general; United States National Archives general; Mathematics Cambridge University UFT41. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached.

Civil List Pensioners from Ireland

March 29, 2013

These include the national poet of Ireland as he was called: George Moore, the scientist and mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton, James Joyce (the greatest story writer and novelist in the English language of the twentieth century) and William Butler Yeats (also a Nobel Laureate). There are several others including the Blind Poetess of Donegal. These were pre independence Pensions. Yeats refused a knighthood because of his republican leanings for which he was famous and became a Senator of the Free State. These republican leanings did not in any way affect the respect in which he was held in Britain as the greatest poet in the English language of the early twentieth century. Joyce emigrated to Zurich, where there is a James Joyce Cafe and for his piercing honesty, was banned in Ireland until about the late eighties.

Charles Jones Station-master Penwyllt

March 29, 2013

Greatly appreciated as usual. He must have been in charge of the station at the height of its elegance.

Sent: 29/03/2013 15:40:39 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Charles Jones Station-master Penwyllt

I thought that you would appreciate this photo of Charles Jones. He was station-master at Penwyllt from early in the 1900s until just before his death in 1935.

The family lived at No 10, Powell Street. He paid more rent than most because his house encompassed the upper floor of the Mission Hall next door. He had a son, Bertie Samuel.

The info is from Mary Saunders, born Williams in Penycae. She was his grand-daughter and is looking to emigrate to Australia shortly to join her son, albeit that she is in her eighties.

Her mother’s sister used to live in Ty Henry, Glyntawe.

Stuart Davies

Pasg Hapus

March 29, 2013

Cyfarchion gorau holl i bawb ar benwythnos Y Pasg a Sul y Blodau. Best regards to all during the days weekend of Easter and The Sunday of the Flowers.

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Looking forward to seeing you and Larisa at the end of April. Thanks for all your email updates. Vivienne

240(4): Computer Check and Final Version of 240(3)

March 29, 2013

This is the final version, the result for x is the same provided that the perihelion advance is defined as in eq. (5), the same definition as used in recent work on the Minkowski / Thomas / Lorentz precession. The overall aim is to repeat the le Verier calculation with an EGR potential or Minkowski potential. However I have not been able to find a sufficiently detailed description of the le Verier calculation on google, which is why the Farside calculation was used. If anyone has a description of the le Verier calculation please forward. Many thanks in anticipation. In the next calculation things get algebraically complicated so I will hand over to co author Horst Eckardt to implement computer algebra. The apsidal equation gives precession for any potential in a fairly simple way for a nearly circular orbit. That is a useful new finding. As Miles Mathis and other scholars have pointed out many times, Einstein assumed the le Verier calculation uncritically, then applied EGR to 43 seconds of arc per century for Mercury. However, le Verier obviously did not use EGR, and so the Einstein calculation is self inconsistent. The anomaly is not in fact 43 seconds of arc per century. Miles Mathis points out numerous other errors by Einstein. I intend to use the same potential throughout the perihelion calculation in this new work. I assume that all here agree that the Einstein method is incorrect. Additional criticisms have been made by Vankov, and many criticisms by AIAS. The Einstein dogmatists are unable to answer any of the criticisms with logic. The Baconian method requires that an incorrect theory, however famous, must be discarded.


Daily Report 28/3/13

March 29, 2013

There were 2551 hits from 520 distinct visits, 47.6% spiders from AHRefs, google, MSN, yandex and sistrix. CEFE29, FPL25, CEFE23. University of Toronto UFT177; University of Western Ontario general; Computer science engineering University of Michigan UFT116; University of Michigan UFT18; University of Poitiers general; Mathematics University of Bristol New Autobiography, Album 1 the sixties, Album 12, CV. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for March 2013.

Film on Mozart

March 28, 2013

There is an excellent film called “The Life of Mozart” which I have just come across on youtube. He wrote his first work at the age of just over five and the first symphony is more or less fully formed. He picked up a violin at the age of four or five and played it immediately like a master. His last symphony, the 41st, the Jupiter, is much more intricately woven, but the style is the same. He became an Imperial Court Composer in Vienna, but at the age of 35 he write to Lorenzo da Ponte: “I may have enjoyed my talent, but the end is here.” I think that this is the most devilish of all tragedies, by the time he was thirty five he had composed over six hundred works. Usually I do not like opera very much, with one exception: “The Magic Flute”,written in that final year. It is beyond belief that someone could not have taken over his finances for him, and controlled them so he could have spent his life composing. Who knows what kind of towering work he would have produced in later years. There is also a film “The Life of Beethoven”, and also “The Life of Bach.” Mozart was surrounded by the most terrible and violent buffoons, like Count Arco, who kicked him out of employment to the eternal benefit of humankind. Nothing has changed in society anywhere in the world except that the Count Arco’s have been replaced by lurking bureaucrats and electronic shadows. I count myself very lucky that I am able to enjoy my talent, and I certainly will for as long as I can. I recommend that all AIAS Fellows enjoy their own work and never retire.

240(3): Calculation of the Precession Constant x for the True Precessing Ellipse

March 28, 2013

This calculation gives x of the true precessing ellipse in terms of r and alpha in the approximation of nearly circular orbits. It confirms beyond reasonable doubt that Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) never gives a true precessing ellipse as defined by Eq. (1). Eq. (5) is a very useful new equation, and with computer algebra can be used with any force law. Furthermore, by choosing alpha / r, the result (10) can reproduce 43 seconds of arc. The basic problem however is that 43 seconds of arc is not the anomaly if the le Verier calculation is carried out with the EGR potential. There are all kinds of problems now for Einstein, and UFT240 will develop my arguments in detail. I know that le Verier used elliptical functions but I have not been able to find sufficient detail of his calculation. The Farside calculation will do.