Views on Theosophy

The problem with all theology is that it is all completely unprovable, a set of assertions, so for that reason I prefer natural philosophy as defined by Bacon. I would like to keep the Welsh speaking Baptist values going, and will see if I can get CADW to list some chapels. I think that laws should be introduced to forbid the sale of chapels and churches, forbid their demolition and looting, and to stop people living in them. I also like the great prose of Dr William Morgan. Theosophy looks much too vague to interest me at all, and these days there is not very much genuine piety.

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Hello Myron. I am not a theosophist but recently I have been encountering a lot of issues related to the subject ……..including the work of 2 leading theosophists …the Ukrainian Madam Helena Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner of Bratislava, Slovakia (who had a famous school for dance/acting/movement for many years in Addlestone where I live). In Edinburgh Bathgate, where our Newlands ancestors were clustered, there are people queueing up on waiting lists for joining theosophy groups. Also, I only discovered last week that your ancestor Thomas Vaughan was a leading theosophist. The list of famous people who were theosophists is very impressive and includes James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, Sir Tom Stoppard, Jean Sibelius, Gustav Mahler, Thomas Edison, Paul Gauguin, Ghandi, Prime minister Nehru of India, Annie Besant, Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth Evans) and Maria Montessori. If you have any opinions on the subject of theosophy that you are willing to express I’d appreciate hearing them. At the moment I am trying to be open minded about the subject. Best wishes, Vivienne

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