Remains of Richard III Found

As a matter of scientific interest it is possible to identify ancestors by DNA from skeletons. Richard III was killed by one of the soldiers of my Tudor ancestors at Bosworth after he had made an attempt to kill Henry VII single handed. He killed one of Henry’s bodyguard but was surrounded and killed by swords and so on. The skeleton has cut marks all over it. The analysis shows that he died from headwounds and that his spine was indeed curved very badly, that is why he was known as crouchback. Some Yorkists have insisted that this is Tudor propaganda, but it is the truth. It is likely that Richard III murdered the Princes in the Tower. However he is to be interred in Leicester Cathedral. He also threatened to kill the hostage son of Lord Stanley and his main allies deserted him, notably Northumberland. We all know full well what would have happened if he had won the Battle of Bosworth. Henry VII did not take any revenge on the Yorkists and built a strong economy. Of course the Tudors were mediaeval and took large amounts of land in Wales. All that land must be returned in a Land Act. The point is that it is possible to find by DNA whether Elizabeth Portrey was the natural daughter of Christopher Portrey and Gwenllian John. I have no interest in Richard III, but a lot of interest in Henry VII. Richard was a descendant of Normans who perpetrated many atrocities.

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