Overall Activity Report for January 2013

To give this inner circle e mail listing an idea of the vast amount of interest in www.aias.us I attach the complete overall activity report from which I filter out the overview file by hand every two weeks. This file does not appear on the blog and is confidential to prevent link spamming. This interest will continue indefinitely at this level, maybe for the next hundred years or so if the institutional archives properly conserve www.aias.us. It is archived in the British web archives www.webarchive.org.uk from the National Library of Wales at the British Library, and in the Library of Congress from UC San Diego Supercomputer Center. The papers are all archived on google scholar, and there are many other archives building up all the time, e.g. AHRefs, baidu, google, MSN, yahoo, yandex, sistrix and so on. There have been very many complete downloads of the site by individuals and organizations worldwide. So ECE will not be going away. It is in fact the new physics, existing alongside the old physics. This is as it should be, and always has been. The value of the feedback is now absolutely clear to all. For the first time in history, the emergence of a new school of thought has been observed in all detail as it occurs, in real time. The old physics cannot pretend that this has not happened, they cannot stop the march of ideas. In fact only one or two bigots ever tried, for obscure anthropomorphic reasons known only to themselves.

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