236(4): General Kinematic Theory of all Planar Orbits

This note proves the complete self consistency of the work in the latest few papers, based on pure kinematics, and also shows that it is rigorously consistent with lagrangian dynamics. Force laws are given for the precessing and fractal conical sections and the static conical sections. All planar orbits are due to the Cartan spin connection, now known to be the angular velocity vector omega. There are many new insights given in this novel, purely kinematic, analysis. For example, the centrifugal acceleration of all planar orbits is always contained within the force equation, and the Coriolis acceleration of all planar orbits always vanishes. It should now be possible to develop a purely knematic analysis of velocity, and to try to forge a novel explanation for the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy, for which both the Newton and Einstein theories fail qualitatively.


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