Daily Report 30/11/12

There were 2527 hits from 564 distinct visits, 29.3% spiders from baidu, google and MSN. CEFE90, CEFEL80, FPL26, LMEP16. Technical Activities Coordination Brazilian Centre for Nuclear Physics UFT104, UFT209, UFT88, proof4, proof5; Coordination of Experimental and High Energy Physics Brazilian Centre for Nuclear Physics UFT88, UFT109, UFT142, University of Quebec Trois Rivieres general; EET Czechia manufacturer of Electricity and Transformer Substations 2D paper; North Carolina A and T State University UFT158; Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Terre Haute Indiana UFT156; Department of Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering (LENR laboratory) University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign extensive; Pompeu Fabra University Romania (on edu) UFT157; French National Particle Laboratory (in2p3) UFT8; French Polytechnique system UFT110, UFT176; French National Synchroton Laboratory extensive; University of Poitiers general; Mathematics University of Rennes 1 UFT101; Budapest University of Technology and Economics UFT177(Sp); Physics Moscow State University UFT18; Gaziantep University Turkey Essay58; Sussex University Educational Note 2. Intense interest all sectors. Final usage file attached for November 2012.

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