Introductory Chapter Posted of Biography by Kerry Pendergast

I strongly recommend this biography for libraries and courses, not because it is about me, but because it is well written and contains a lot of other science history very well analysed. The book details are on and on the home page of The unique scientometric data base (see previous posting of this blog) shows that the interest in ECE is permanent and is archived quarterly at the British Library.

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Dear Myron,

Einstein’s miracle year was 1905, whereas yours was 2003. It took a decade or so for the importance of Einstein’s work to be recognized by other scientists apart from Max Planck.

We are running in parallel a century or so later. We are no doubt on a cusp of full recognition by scientists around the world.

An account of this is given in the biography of MWE and the index, preface and introduction have been posted on the aias website.

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